WHS Handicap Tool

Update for 2020 rules and handicap changes.

This version of the handicap tool calculates a handicap based on the new World Handicap System (WHS). You can find out more about the new changes here.

To implement this new WHS system, the La Quinta Golf Tour establishes a handicap for a participant from the first tournament they enter, and the participant will use that handicap for the entire season. For this reason, we must average the course rating and slope for all the golf courses for the entire season in order to make this fair.

For the 2024 season, then following values are used in the calculations for the entire season:


  • Course Rating:
  • Slope:


  • Course Rating:
  • Slope:

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Gender Is Plus Handicap Index Course Rating Slope Par

WHS Course Handicap Formula

This is the handicap that you will play to on a course with the selected course rating, slope and par. This is what you will use PRIOR to playing a round with your buddies. Each of you will calculate your handicap for the course you are playing, and then you will be able to figure out who will give whom, shots for the round.

Calculation Formula

This is the new formula for calculating your handicap for the round you are about to play based on the values you enter above.

Result ( Handicap Index ( Slope 113 )) ( Course Rating Par )
( ( 113 )) ( )
( ( )) ( )
( ) ( )

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