Handicap Tool

If you are interested in seeing how your handicap is being calculcated, you can use this tool. Enter values into the fields and then Tab to the next box and the results will be calculated automatically. This will calculate the values for a single score only. Click here to be able to enter multiple scores and see how your handicap progresses.

Gross Score Rating Slope Handicap Differential

Get the new Handicap Index

The handicap differential is used to calculate the new handicap index, that will be used to calculate your handicap. Whew!

We will now say, multiply the differential by .96* and then the result is truncated to the 10ths, not rounded.

Differential Handicap Index

Calculate the Handicap

Now we use the new handicap index to calculate the handicap based on the slope of the last course played.

HI Slope Raw Handicap
Your Handicap is:
Your Net Score is:

To find out more about how handicaps are calculated, visit the USGA Handicap System Manual.

* - Bonus for Excellence is the incentive for players to improve their golf games that is built into the USGA Handicap System. It is the term used to describe the small percentage below perfect equity that is used to calculate a Handicap Index (96 percent). As a Handicap Index improves (gets lower), the player has a slightly better chance of placing high or winning a handicap event.

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