Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, see if they are answered here.

  • What is the format of each tournament?

    For 13-weeks in the summer, the Golf Tour holds a friendly tournament for all handicap levels on Saturdays at a different golf course.  It doesn't matter whether you have an established handicap or not, we will calculate a handicap for you after your first round, and you will use this handicap for the rest of the season.

    There are 4 flights and you will be placed in the flight for your calculated handicap. 

    PlaceFrom HandicapTo Handicap

    Points are awarded for each player in their respective flights.

    the rest5

    Points accrue each week the player enters and at the end of the 13 weeks, and awards are given out at the end of season banquet. 

    Come and join us!  You'll meet friendly golfers and play great golf courses.

  • How to Join?

    In order to join, click the "Join" link at the top of the site.  That will take you to a different site to sign up for the Summer Golf Tour Program.  It costs $60.00/year per player to participate in the current year's events.

    Once you have signed up for the Summer Golf Tour at the La Quinta Registration Site, you don't need to return to that site again for the current year.  You will come to this site from there on to register for weekly events.

    After you've signed up for the Summer Golf Tour, the site adminstrators will enter your information into the system and you will receive an email with your credentials to log into this site.  In order to play in a weekly event, you'll need to log in first.  See the FAQ on "How to Play in a weekly event?" for more information on how to sign up for weekly events.

  • How do I use this site?

    It's very easy to use this site, follow these steps for specific descriptions of what to do.

    1. To Join - click the "Join" link in the top menu to join the Summer Golf Tour.  You have to join the Tour before being allowed to play in each weeks event.  Once you have joined at that site, come back here to play in the events.
    2. To Play - click the "Play" link in the top menu to play in an event for that current week.  You cannot enter an event past the upcoming Saturday.  You can only register on the week of the event and from Monday morning at 8:00am to Wednesday 4:00pm.
  • How to play in a weekly event?

    For 13 weeks during the summer, you can play a different golf course every week.  To play in an event, just follow these steps:

    1. Click "Play" - click the "Play" link in the top menu, this will take you to a page with a list of all the events for the summer.  If the next event is available to sign up for, there will be a link called "Sign Up".  When that link is available, you can sign up for the next event.
    2. Log On - when you click that link, if you haven't already logged on, it will redirect you to log on first.  Once you log on, it will take you to the Registration Page.  Information about the event will be shown and there are optional fields you can use to ask to play with other members, or add guests, or send a message to the tournament coordinator.  
    3. Register - otherwise you can leave it all blank and simply click the "Register" button.  You will see a message saying you have been registered, and you'll receive an email confirmation.  In the email there is an attachment that will allow you to add the event to your calendar just by double-clicking it.

    That's all there is to it to play each week.  We hope to see you out there.

  • Are SCGA (or GHIN) handicaps used in this tour?

    The Summer Golf Experience does not require GHIN handicaps to play.  Rest assured that you can join and play without worrying that you don't have a handicap to play.  A handicap will be calculated for you after your first round of golf, and you will use this handicap for the entire summer season.

    This golf experience is to allow golfers to play great golf courses and meet friendly new people.

  • When I sign up, can I indicate who I want to play with?

    Yes, there's a field where you can select from all the players in the current season's roster, that you want to play with.  Just start typing their first name, and the list will be filtered to those names.  Then just click the name you want to play with.  You can add up to three players.

    IMPORTANT NOTE! When you select a player that you want to play with, this does NOT sign them up for that event.  They must sign up themselves!  This just indicates that, if they sign up, you want to play with them.

    Also, we try our hardest to pair players as they have indicated, but occasionally, either the other player has requested to play with others, or the golf course might alter the pairings slightly.  We don't always have control over the pairings.

  • I made a mistake when I signed up for a tournament, can I change it?

    Yes, as long as it's before 4 pm on Wednesday, you can change your registration.

    You have two options on how to do this:

    1. Call Luis Magallanez (760) 777-7189
    2. Edit it yourself
      1. Log into the site
      2. Click "My Profile"
      3. Click the "Edit Current Course" button - you can make certain modifications to your registration like:
        1. changing the players to play with
        2. changing or adding notes

    You can also cancel your registration yourself.  In your My Profile section, if it's before 4 pm Wednesday, there will information on your profile page that shows the current tournament you are signed up for.  There will be a Red button that allows you to cancel the registration.  Just click that button and you'll be canceled.

    If it's after 4 pm Wednesday, you need to call Michael directly and see if he can cancel you.

  • Can we pay green fees online when we sign up each week?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible. This website was created to accept weekly registrations and view weekly results only. All green fees and guest fees must be paid in person on Saturdays at each golf course; CASH only, exact change is appreciated.
  • I want to play as a guest. How do I do that?

    There are two ways to play with us as a guest:

    1. Be invited by a Member
    2. Call us! 760-777-7189

    It's that easy! 

  • How much does it cost for a guest to play?

    The cost for a guest is $15.00 plus the greens fee.  This is payable when you check-in at the golf course.

  • I hear there's a banquet at the end of the season. Are guests allowed to attend?

    Yes, guests can attend, it only costs $25.00.

  • What happens at the banquet?

    There's a complete lunch served by the host golf course, and prizes are awarded to the members and there are various gifts that you can bid on. It's a good way to meet all the members of the tour.

    It's held immediately after the last event of the season at that golf course.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us if you still have questions about the Summer Golf Tour. We'll be happy to help and hope you join us.

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