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  • Important Information including Policies and Procedures

    Summer Golf Tour


    • Slow PlaySLOW PLAY IS NOT ACCEPTABLE ON THIS GOLF TOUR. Please be courteous to other golfers in your foursome and playing behind you.  Do not allow play to get backed up.  Play “ready” golf, and pick up the pace on the next hole if you fall behind. Use good judgment and proper etiquette when playing.  Fellow tour players and golf course staff would appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration.
    • Fair play: The switching of scorecards within a foursome is highly encouraged to help ensure fair play. Please be honest when writing scores. This is a recreational league tour, not a competitive tournament.  The City would like to ensure that all participants have an enjoyable experience and equal opportunities to be winners while playing on this tour.
    • “No Shows:” “No shows” create a situation that discredits the La Quinta Golf Tour’s commitment to participating courses. If you need to cancel, you MUST do so by Friday at 1p.m. so that City staff may call another player on the wait list to replace you at that course or so City staff may call the golf course to release the player spot. On the Saturday morning of play, the City has already guaranteed and committed all scheduled players to the golf course, so all “no shows” will be billed at full rate. Payment for “no shows” must be made prior to the next course play. Tour participants will not be allowed to play until the past due payment has been made.  Tour participants are also responsible for payment of their “no show” guest(s). As a courtesy to all, please arrive 30 minutes prior to Shotgun start time.
    • Flight Divisions: Flights will be determined after the first week of play. Players will be assigned to flights according to their SCGA handicaps or the Golf Tour Handicap for those players without an SCGA handicap.
    • Handicaps: USGA and other sanctioned handicapping services will be used in this recreational tour. If a member does not have an SCGA(GHIN) handicap number, then the Golf Tour formula will calculate the handicap for the player for that week.
    • League Points: Points are earned by achieving Best Net scores in your Flight each week. Minimal points will be earned for tour participation as well. Points will be assigned the first week of the tour and final points will be given the 12th week of the tour. 

              Point accumulation for “Best Net” (only) is as follows:                           

                       First Place              30 points

                       Second Place          20 points

                       Third Place             15 points

                       Fourth Place           10 points

    5     points to all remaining golfers just for showing up to play!

    • Scoring system: The City utilizes a personalized online software program for the establishment of your weekly handicap and to calculate your scores for those member without an SCGA handicap. This program breaks down your stats and calculates a new handicap after every course played. Weekly results can be directly viewed on the site Net Score, your new calculated Handicap, and accumulated points are what you will see.

    Policies and Procedures

    To reserve weekly player spots, registered participants now have the option of logging onto the City’s golf tour website, click ‘Register’ on the top menu, and registering for the upcoming week’s course (courses will be listed in order of play). Registered players may still reserve player spots each week by calling (760) 777-7094 as well. Both options to register are only available between Monday at 8a.m. and Wednesday at 4p.m., prior to play at each course. Walk-in reservations and voicemail messages will NOT be accepted to reserve player spots.  Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis for registered participants.  Foursome reservations will no longer be accepted. EACH registered participant must register online or call in for themselves (and for their non-registered tour guest, if applicable). There are no make-up rounds, and reservations will NOT be accepted after the 4p.m. Wednesday deadline.

    The first 75 people to register for the tour will be allowed to play as registered participants; any and all beyond that will be considered Guests.  Guests are welcome to play on the tour for $15 per week plus green fees.  Registered golf tour participants will have priority over Guests. If player spots allotted to the City are booked out before Wednesday at 4p.m. and a registered participant goes online or calls to reserve a player spot, City staff will call the golf course to request additional spots.  If additional spots are no longer available, the last Guest to schedule a tee time will be removed so that the registered participant may have the spot.  City staff will inform the Guest by phone when this needs to occur.

    All golf participants are asked to arrive 30 minutes before the shotgun start time.  Please be on time!  Payment for green fees is to be made to City staff at the course upon arrival.  Please pay the City staff directly with exact change, CASH only. Credit cards and checks will not be accepted.  Guests may play by advance reservation only, and must pay their additional $15 fee with exact change, CASH only.  Individual course dress code and rules are strictly enforced.  Soft spikes only at all courses.  Your scorecard will be in your assigned golf cart upon arrival.

    Players will participate separately in different flights.  Men and Women divisions (in each flight) will compete for weekly Best Net.  Points will be accumulated for weekly Best Net only.  For all players, your score, minus your handicap, becomes your Net Score.  Guest scores cannot be included in the calculations and will not be posted in the weekly standings.  At the end of each week, winners will be determined in each flight and points will be assigned accordingly.  Players are responsible for keeping accurate scores.  The switching of cards within a foursome is highly encouraged to help ensure fair play!

    Upon completion of each weekly round of golf, please total up all players scores and leave score cards with the pro shop staff at that course.  Failure to leave your score card at the pro shop will result in forfeiture of your score for that day.  Staff will calculate net scores on the Monday or Tuesday following play. Updated handicaps and flights’ standings may then be viewed by logging onto the City’s golf tour website, clicking ‘Results’ on the top menu, and view the results for that respective course. Limited paper copies of results will be made available the following Saturday.  Best net scores will accumulate points for winners’ plaques at the end of the tour!

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Enjoy your Summer Golf Tour!  

    The Community Services Department has final say regarding disputes over rules, handicaps and/or standings. It is in the best interest of the City of La Quinta to ensure that all players have an enjoyable experience and equal opportunities to be winners. Please call the Community Resources Department at (760) 777-7093 if you should have any questions or comments regarding the tour policies and procedures.

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